📜 Jelle Pelgrims

This page collects all of my work-related output, such as writing (created in a professional capacity) and open source contributions. You can consider this to be a kind of ad-hoc portfolio, meant as an addition to my resume.



  1. Migrating from GCP to AWS: How we did it and what we learned
    A blog post written after I migrated all of ENPICOM's infrastructure from Google Compute Engine to Amazon Web Services. As a result of this migration, ENPICOM saved â‚Ŧ100,000 in the form of AWS startup credits.

Open-source contributions

  1. DSpace
    While working as a job student at Atmire I contributed a meaningful amount of code to the DSpace open source project. DSpace is a "turnkey institutional repository application" - in other words, software used to create open access repositories for digital content (such as scientific papers).